Creativity is a mental process by which the human mind is able to develop something new: When mentioning creativity, most of us directly reference it to an aesthetic design and forget that creativity is at the deepest roots of problem solving and innovation and overcoming challenges.

While creativity is more easily observed in artistic work, it is as much pronounced in the mathematical formulas and algorithms that describe our physical world. 

How does creativity come to be? The theory that people are born with creative minds is as true as the earth is flat. One's mind develops and nurture's itself  by reacting to environmental pressures such social interaction, exposure to challenges, education . . .

This brings me to another big point, controlling someones behaviour by imposing over reaching rules and instructions greatly affects his ability to be creative. While underproviding that same person with information needed and exposure to the subject at head also inhibits his creative nature. It is by both nurturing just enough and guiding him towards the end goal without disrupting there process that we can help an individual unleash his creative process.

We have thus created a simple concept to helps one mind head towards the right goals, this process is called engineering creativity because we create the right environment, ask the right questions and allow enugh flexibility for the user to take advantage o his mental being. By using 4 simple rules: define adapt design access. we can create a mind map of any chain of process.