Through our recent history, the global workforce has been dissimenated into ever so specialised fields. Whilst this has created progress in both the creative and analytical worlds, it has also seperated the fundamental skills that once brought the delicacy of artistic instincts to solve engineering problems and engineering thinking to help express the creative mind.


01-Reunite the fundemental links between analytical thinking and artistic expression to help access the beauty of the human thought

02-Look out to nature as a source of inspiration for engineering solutions and reviving the creative soul

03-Enhancing the artistic and analytical expression of the human mind by equipping it with digital tools and help it grow exponentially


The main focus of D-A-D-A, is to expose the illusive complexity of the physical world and extract certain tools that are vital to the bounding structure of a simple IDEA: The regeneration of the physical substrate that is our planet.

The purpose of these explorations is to provoke new ways of adapting to our environment and forming synergistic relationships with our human, digital and environmental interactions.

1-The geometrisation of space, a fundamental discovery to the rise of modern science, plays an important role in the sensual perception and thermodynamic interactions within an enclosure.

2-The quantum mechanical view of matter and light, originating in the search for the processes that drive the micro-universe, changes our understanding of perceived reality.

3-The mathematical translations of our physical world introduces an un-quantifiable set of tools within our reach. They allow us to properly describeadapt and manipulate the laws of physics to manifest our creative nature.  

4-The exponential growth of computational power and it's recent ever converging resemblance to human consciousness, guides us towards optimised solutions to our growing challenges.

5-The study of biology and living organisms, shed light on the definition of organic elements and the nature of processes that act upon, within and through them, to enlighten us on the lost concept of architecture: Organizational structure and behavior of natural systems to thrive in an environment.

By using the 5 main tools listed above we are able to leap into an optimised view on design and engineering to benefit the eco-system as a whole as opposed to the individuals at stake.